Testimonials and Rave Reviews for Computer Learning Centers, Inc.


Student Testimonials:

“Learning all the new MS Office 2010 upgrades seemed overwhelming, but I have never enjoyed a class as much and received so much valuable information in such a short period of time….I look forward now to being able to set up my own business Excel spreadsheets.”

“Wonderful! Thank you! Looking forward to a few more classes.”

“This course taught me ‘advanced’ features while reminding me of the basics. Excellent!”

“I have learned more in this PowerPoint class than in my last three computer classes combined. I feel so much more competent in my presentations now….”

“The techniques I learned from you have enabled me to create content just once and have it appear to multiple Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my professional blog. Now I’m more efficient, and I truly see what a relevant tool Social Media is in today’s business climate. Your trainers helped me increase my web presence and to stimulate business between my prospects, as well as my current clients.”

“The ½ day class fit perfectly with my busy schedule. I was surprised how much information they could fit in just 3 hours. I was back at work using what I learned the same day!”

“I have learned so much more about using my computer and its Microsoft programs. I am no longer afraid and using it now is so much easier. Thank you!”

“We finally have a solid internet foundation with our WordPress website, and know that you are there to help if we need you. Thanks for making my business relevant again!”

“Your trainers were eager to customize their instruction to fit my needs….and also showed a sincere interest for the success of their students.”

“Your Instructor was so knowledgeable about Word and its different functions and tools. The presentation was great and easy to follow along! She made sure all my questions were answered.”

“You have the patience of a saint! You really stood over each of us to be sure we understood the class content. You were so clear, concise, and organized that I would recommend you to anyone!”

“You are the SEO, Internet Marketing, and Social Media experts. Thanks for being there for my business.”

“Who knew Adobe Acrobat had so many different tools you could use for business…thank you for quickly making me an expert with the software.”

“Switching from a Microsoft to a MAC based environment had my nerves on edge, but your ½ day class had me working on it like I had been doing it for years.”

“There is so much to process when attempting to get up to speed with new software….You identify the most significant items I needed and guided me through….”