Small class sizes for computer training

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Small Class Sizes
An Overview

Our small classes have a guaranteed maximum of just 10 students so you can learn more in less time with Computer Learning Centers’ personal, hands-on, instructional format.

Computer Learning Centers’ software training center is geared to learning in a small class size environment so each student receives the individual attention that they require to succeed. Our hands-on educational experience provides you with the guidance you need every step of the way throughout your training.

Why sign up for other courses just to find out when you get there that you are just a number in a crowd? Having to nervously ask questions in front of an oversized classroom full of strangers staring at you? Going home with the same questions you came with because there are just too many students for individual attention? Or having to sit though a classroom full of other people’s questions that has nothing to do with what you need to learn? How frustrating! At Computer Learning Centers, Inc. due to the individual attention that is available, you will experience increased knowledge retention.

Whether you are looking for an increased skill level, job security or a change in career, CLC’s stimulating learning environment targets your individual learning needs to increase your capabilities in the ever changing world of computer software.

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