Half Day Classes in computer training

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Half Day Classes
An Overview

Our classes are just 3 to 4 hours in length, so you can learn effectively and still manage the days’ critical action items at the home or office.

Computer Learning Centers’ convenient half day classes allow for even the busiest company to maintain their productivity with our business focused curriculum schedules. Whether training an entire organization, a vital department, or as an individual, our objective is to give you the largest return on investment with the least interruption of your company’s crucial workflow.

Our classes are engineered so we focus your learning on what you need. Our half day classes focus on your specific learning goals so you can be back at the office the same day applying what you have learned. Being able to implement your increased software skill level is exactly what Computer Learning Centers, Inc. was designed for. At CLC, you learn more in less time, and you can come back for another class when it’s convenient for you.

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