Tablets & Readers Course Information

Course: Tablet & Readers

Tablets Course Information Structure
Tablets -An Overview
In this class you will learn the latest features of Tablets and Readers. Discover Apps and Features of the Apple iPad and other industry-leading Tablets. See how to incorporate your tablet into your business in addition to using the tablet as an eReader, email and Internet tool.


Course Levels Offered:
  • Introduction to Tablets
Class Goals and what you can expect to learn:
  • Basics of Tablet
  • Useful and Fun Apps for tablets
  • Tablet Navigation basics
  • Email setup and maintenance
  • How to enjoy digital pictures on the Tablets
  • Navigation and Interface
  • Tablet Applications (Apps)
  • Internet Access
  • Music and Video
Intended Audience:
  • Business Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Individuals
Class Prerequisites:
  • None
Class Outline:
  • Why Use Tablet
  • Interface and Navigation
  • New Features and Tools
  • Business and Personal Tools and Apps
Class Duration:
  • 3 Hours
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