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Course: Apple MAC

Apple MAC Course Information Structure
Apple MAC -An Overview
In this class you will learn the latest features of Apple’s latest Operating System, MAC OS. Find new features, tips and new tools in MAC OS and how they can increase your enjoyment and efficiency using a MAC computer. Discover iTunes, iPhoto, and iCal and many more applications that make your MAC useful right out of the box.


Course Levels Offered:
  • Intro into MAC
  • MAC in Business
  • MAC OS
Class Goals and what you can expect to learn:
  • New Features to MAC OS such as FaceTime
  • MAC OS Navigation basics
  • New MAC features and tools
  • File and Folder storage and organization
  • How to enjoy digital pictures on the MAC desktop using iPhoto
  • Discover iTunes and iCal and many other software applications
  • Navigation and Interface, File Organization
  • Software applications such as iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Mail, and many others
  • Backup and Restore using Time Machine
Intended Audience:
  • Business Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Individuals and those new to MAC
Class Prerequisites:
  • Basic Computer Navigation
Class Outline:
  • Why Use MAC OS
  • Interface and Navigation
  • New Features and Tools
  • File Storage
  • Software Applications: Office for MAC, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal and Mail
Class Duration:
  • 4 Hours
Addition sites and/or information concerning software: